Hello ^^
sooo…selling some stuffs…..need get rid of…
US ONLY. int’l shipping is waay to expensive.
Shipping depends what you buy

Paypal or CC

PM me or email kkhleang@gmail.com
Let me know if you want a confirmation pic or video. :)

-Stop It: $10
-Warrior: $11
-Power: $12
-Badman: $10
-No Mercy: $12
-Warrior Japanese Regular Edition: $10
-Warrior Jap. CD+DVD: $18
-Warrior Jap. w/matoki ring X2: $25
-Badman w/Zelo Autograph: $30
-Badman w/Youngjae Autograph: $30
-Badman w’/Jongup Autograph: $30

Live On Earth Shirt Type 2 (Free Size): $30

Infinite Paradise w/folded poster: $12

-Card Case: $16
(Tao, Xiumin)
-Note: $13
(Kai, Sehun, Suho, Chanyeol, DO, Luhan, Kris, Tao, Lay, Chen)
-L File: $11
(All Members)
-Official Hug Fan: $6
-Official Kiss Fan: $6
-EXO-M Unofficial Heart Fan: $3
-Pencil (6 in a set): $11

Special Member Set: $33 shipped
includes Note, Folder, 1 pencil, official fan, and small exo plastic shopping bag.)
(Sehun, Kai, Chen, Suho, Kris, Lay, Tao, Chen)

Polaroids- $1 each or whole lot for $10
EXO Button- $1
EXO Bracelet- $1.50

-BTS Group Card: $5
-Minhyun Nuest: $5
-Hoya Paradise Trade or Sell: $12
-Youngjae B.A.P Jap.(prefer trade for same album but can sell): $25

Looking for:
-B.A.P Ver 1 (Yongguk, Himchan, Daehyun, Jongup, Zelo)
           Ver 2 (Daehyun, Zelo)
-L photocards (beside destiny and new challenge)
-BTS (Jungkook, Jin, Suga, J-Hope)